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This documents my attempt ( successful ) to install Kivy on a Windows 10 Python system under Anaconda Spyder. Just some quick notes. See history for date info.

Install Kivy on 2.7 installation of Spyder. Actually worked, but not right off. Next Kivy - First Impressions

First Google[edit]

  • looks like might be good try

  • nice music no words, not my cup of tea

First try[edit]

This is where my python lives: D:\apps\Anaconda D:\apps\Anaconda\

now running in cmd.exe

Ran as directed and after a lot of work got error messages, including that it failed. I have a log.

Tried again this time was going to answere admistritor n, but got quick error out.

Tried uninstall both with and without admin priv. for cmd.exe

So now I seem stuck with a partial installation.

Try again[edit]

looks like might be good try

Will use cmd and give admin rights to it.

this seemed to work but when I tried ( as stated in the docs ) -- take it back I missed a step ( i looked carefully at the logs which I try to always save.

Now will retry

That’s it. You should now be able to import kivy in python or run a basic example:

python share\kivy-examples\demo\showcase\

and it did "work"

Assuming Kivy is Somewhere on my system[edit]

Found other examples on git hub at Downloaded unzipped, but when I tried to run the first line import kivy fails.

Now a couple of hours into trying to install this f*** and wonder why it should be so obscure. Why use when even the install does not seem to work? So my fault -- works well enough to test some more

Continued Experiments[edit]

  • As I do them. Ran a simple Kivy demo and must admit it does look nice in a slick multi media sort of way.