Kivy - First Impressions

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My plan is to take a fairly robust application, my SmartTerminal and implement another version of its GUI in Kivy. This is my first introduction to Kivy, but not Python. I want to run on real PCs but running on other platforms is a plus. It might be a plus to support touch which I think Kivy does. My computer is not touch, I do have a couple of android tablets.

Kivy Language[edit]

First impressions:

  • I do not like it, it seems to be a language in the same sense as HTML, more like a configuration file, XML ish which I have learned to dislike.
  • If a language how come none of the examples seem to use comments?
  • Easy to convert to python, but not clear to me how.

Conclusion: For now will avoid the so called Kivy language ( but finding much example code that is non trivial in Python is a search, I will let you know what I find )

Programming with Just Python[edit]

  • Examples Hard to find
  • Documentation hard to find.
  • Google help, but most links not so good.
  • Books, seem to like Kv language.
  • One of best links:
  • Code is too easy or too hard, cannot seem to find just right


I am trying to reproduce, but better, the GUI of the SmartTerminal ** link needed.

Finally downloading many examples and trying a lot of links I was able to get a window with two rows, one of buttons, one of alternating buttons and text fields. This is just a bit like the GUI of the smart terminal. Progress. May post code and screen shot here. This code is object oriented and has the same basic structure as the Tkiner code. This will make reimplementation much easier. And all the gui code is in one file, one language. This is how I like it ( you may differ ). More soon.