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This is the Help "file" for the Python Application whose main page is: Python Smart Clipboard

The Smart Clipboard has 4 major areas of application:



The Internals[edit]

Snips are just a bit more complicated than snippets because each snip is itself a whole file. Then there is another file that names and lists the snip files. And finally an entry in parameters that points to the file that lists the snip file names.

Lets go one at a time:


File with a List of Snip Files[edit]


These settings of parameters makes the above work or be active in the application.

( actually called .snip_file_fn )

       self.snip_file_sort     = True                # sort make them easier to find in the GUI
       self.snip_file_path     = r"C:\Russ\0000\python00\python3\_examples"
         # path prepended to all snip files
       self.snip_file_fn       = "./snipsand/snip_files_1.txt"
  1. self.snip_file_fn = "snip_files_2.txt"
  2. self.snip_file_fn = "snips_file_auto.txt"
  3. self.snip_file_fn = "snips_file_auto.txt"
       # need to associate with extension -- say a dict
       # ?? implement or not just use text editor I think
       self.snip_file_command  = r"c:\apps\Notepad++\notepad++.exe"  #russwin10  opens snip files, nice if can run it

       self.snip_editor       = r"C:\apps\Anaconda3\Scripts\thonny.exe"

For more information on parameters see Clipboard Configuration and Configuration Files For Python