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This is the Help "file" for the Python Application whose main page is: Python Smart Clipboard

Snippet Customization[edit]

This is primarily done by modifying your snippets file or by specifying a particular snippet file in The GUI has a button for snippet file access which works if you are only using one file. The big idea here is that you have a file specially formatted to hold the name of the snippets and the snippet itself. This is called the snippet file. You can have multiple snippet files. To "activate" a file include it in, see the entry:

 # ----- snippets one of the following formats 
 self.snippets_fn        = "./snipsand/snippetts_1.txt"                                     # for a single file
 self.snippets_fn        = [ "./snipsand/snippetts_1.txt", "./snipsand/snippetts_1.txt" ]   # multiple snippet files

files are opened from the directory of the main application ( ) so you can use names with a path relative to that.

File Format[edit]

The snippets files are simply text files ( .txt ) that have a special format. There are three major components:

  • Comments
  • Snippet Names
  • Snippet content

So comments are just comments, no effect on the snippets but perhaps useful to the reader/author of the file. Currently the only lines that are comments start with # in column 1 ( line[0] ).

Snippet names mark the beginning of the snippet and are used in the GUI to let the user pick a snippet. They are marked with ">>>>>" ( len = 5 ) followed by the name.

After the name the rest of the snippet. Currently there is no processing of these line, no blank line removal, no comments ( except # in "column 1" )

Snippets are normally sorted by the snippet name ( parameters.snippets_sort = True ) so name them to get a meaningful order, or make sure they are in the order you want and set the parameter to False.

For the proper format of you file see the sample file /snipsand/snippetts_examples.txt, and perhaps /snipsand/snippetts_test.txt with your download.

See clipboard.App._read_list_of_snippets_() for the code.