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Tips on Reading Open Circuits.

We have tried to make this intuitive, but not everything is perfect. The main page is the “main menu” Some useful links inside the site are listed to the left on every page. Poke around a bit, and you will probably find the navigation reasonably clear. The engine of the wiki is the same as that at Wikipedia, so much of it works the same way.


Many pages ( we are working on adding more ) are categorized at the bottom ( see the category label ). Clicking on the word Category will take you to a list of all categories, clicking on the name of the category ( say Project ) will list all pages in the category Project.

Navigating Backwards[edit]

Typically each link takes you deeper in the site ( excepting things like the Category pages, and some deliberate backward links ). However each page has a What Links Here option that will take you “backwards” through the site.

Navigating Forwards[edit]

Links should be specially colored as is true on most web pages. This is somewhat configurable so I will not tell you exactly what color. The color may change after you visit the link. On-site and off-site links are different colors. Sometimes headings are not just headings but also links. Check by mousing over.

Who Wrote the Item[edit]

Look at the history for the page, it is all listed there.

Want to express an opinion about the Page[edit]

Each page has a link at the top labeled discussion. Click on it and add your content there.

Getting the Author to Fix Something[edit]

You can put something in the discussion page, but this is a wiki, so why not fix it yourself? The original author may have done the best they could and had time for. This is a community, it will be stronger if you contribute too.

Watching Pages[edit]

I think this helps inform you of any page changes you are particularity interested in, I need to investigate to be clearer than this.

Special Pages[edit]

Some of these are interesting, poke around a bit.

Writing on the Wiki[edit]

see Help:Contents

Have Suggestions?[edit]