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The EggBot is a pretty simple 2 dimentional plotter that draws on eggs ( and other spherical objects ). It makes a nice do it yourself project either from scratch or as a kit. This page is an annotatted list of links to information on the eggbot.

Guide to Topics

  • Project How to make an EggBot or EggBot component
  • Egg Design: How to draw a particular egg - usually includes file for egg drawing.
  • Eggample: An ( or several ) example eggs.
  • Other Eggs: Interesting eggs, not made with EggBot.
  • Instruction/Tips/Hints: Help in using the EggBot.

Sample Links[edit]

Topic Topic Link Comment
  • Project

From bits, to bytes, bots.

One of the original EggBot Pages, not the technology that is popular now, but got to give this guy credit.

  • Kit

Eggbot Project

Home site for the Evil Mad Eggbot. Mostly info on Kit and how to use it.

  • Egg Design

Egg TARDIS by pmcall221

A time traveling egg.

  • Egg Design

Truth in Labeling

All the nutritional egg facts right on the egg.

  • Project
CNC Eggbot A non kit version of the EggBot.
  • Egg Design
Eggbotting for Halloween Eggs and small pumpkins for Halloween
  • Other Egg
Escher Easter Egg

From the instructables site.

  • Other Egg
Stars Ostrich Pysanky Batik Easter Egg

Pretty spectacular.

  • Kit
Ostrich Eggbot What's just like an Eggbot but quite a bit larger? The all-new Ostrich Eggbot!
  • Instruction/Tips/Hints
Egg-bot Creations and Tips Good tips for using your eggbot.
  • Project
EggBot Makerbot Attachment by NickAmes If you have a makerbot this lets you do eggs in a way similar to the EggBot.
  • Project
SphereBot Another EggBot clone design.
  • Project
Fischer Technik Eggbot by doncamillo This Eggbot has mechanical Parts, that are mostly made of Fischer Technik (FT).
  • Egg Design
  • Project
Things tagged with 'Eggbot' Eggs and others, many not that interesting in my opinion, but some nice ones.
  • Eggsample
Eastern Eggs A bunch of eggs, part of a fund raiser?
  • OtherEgg
Vrhnika's Easter egg Easter eggs made in Vrhnika in Slovenia, Europa with drilling holes.
  • Eggsample
Google Image Search on Eggbot Lots of EggBot related images, many of eggs