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Spam Attack 2011[edit]

The Spam[edit]

Around January 2011 we began to get a lot of spam pages, between 1 and 10 every day. Not clear if a bot or a person. Most formed from registering a user then adding a page. Recently a lot of the pages have had the word Jobs in the title. I will collect some more titles here in the next few weeks if the spam continues. For awhile I saved the pages to see if there was some obvious pattern, I would like to know what goes one here. I will put a bunch on Spam URLs with http: mangled so as not to aid in the game the spammers are playing.

Looking at the url's I though I might see one url or domain over and over. I did not ( except for wikipedia, which I thinik is just some simpleminded misdirection ).

Lots of the url's seem to link to either forums or wiks which show a similar pattern of spam, user registration, then one post. Many of these are open, some of the wiki's are all spam, some seem pretty much unmaintained.

It is possible this is some game where they are trying to form a network of spam links, or maybe they finally link to some site that is trying to game the search engines, maybe just stupid vandelism.

Cleaning up after these guys takes about 5 minutes a day, not much but a pain.

What to Do?[edit]

Some ideas.

  • Tighten up our security. ( how? )
  • Report to search engines they may have way to decipline these guys thru page rankings.
  • A bot of our own to go after some of their pages.

What Do You Think[edit]

Take a look at some of this junk, and see if you have additional insights or ideas, post here.

Interesting link: