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Setup Toga with Spyder[edit]

This is an early draft not really ready for anybody but the author.

Current Conclusion[edit]

Spyder and Toga do not play well together, dropping the attempt for now.


Get Toga running ( preferabley with editable source code ) in Spyder and IDE for Python

for Toga see: Toga — Toga 0.3.0.dev10 documentation

This has not been easy, still not working as of July 30: see this page history for other dates.

Unfortunately I tried so many things that some steps and details are lost in the fog of time, here I will try to document the most important steps and results.

After a brief bout with windows, I decided to move to Ubuntu as a virtual machine ( Virtual Box ) under my Windows host.

Installed 18.4 then installed Anaconda ( not everything seemed to work ) which did not get me Spyder. So I did a

     apt get spyder3 

which seemed ok, I can now run Spyder

Try Again Again ( Attempt 3 )[edit]

New virtual machine ( clone under virtual box, takes 6 minutes, try to limit install to: but no virtual environment, just a clean virtual machine ).

This worked, a brief summary:

  • Git config and download --> went well.
  • pip install -e src/core --> went fine.
  • pip install -e src/dummy --> went fine.
  • pip install -e src/gtk --> fails
  • despite fail above python test --> went fine.

see log at Toga Spyder Log

see console at Toga Tutorial Log

Next would like some guidance on errors and proper setup, planning to submit issues to Toga....

Earlier Attempts[edit]

Deleted, live in history if anyone cares.