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Why Become a SCIL Member?[edit]

You do not have to be a member to benefit. Lots of our meetups are free, other just have the costs of running the meetup. Try the South Coast Innovation Labs Meetup page for info. But there are some benefits of membership.


While you can participate without being a member there are benefits to membership:

  • Full access to the facilities
  • Be part of a community
  • Print yourself a 3D pin saying you are a member
  • .....


Yes full members are asked to pay dues, ours are some of the lowest in the maker space universe, see below. We also ask you to become a member, not like a membership at a gym where you are just buying something, but more like a membership in a club where you are a participant and give something of yourself to the organization.

  • Dues for regular membership is $25. per month, easy to set up on pay pal, more info here: <waiting for the info> We also take other forms of money. Too much money, we have a scholarship fund.
  • Members are asked to volunteer some time to SCIL. There are a lot of ways to do this:
    • Lead a special interest group, see: Main Page
    • Manage a lab, see: Main Page
    • Teach a course, see: <waiting for info>
    • Donate something. see: <waiting for info>
    • Help develop our space
    • Help us publicize ourselves
    • Come to one of the Maker Faires
    • more coming....