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List of interest:

Name Comment
Freqmax depending on price/offer
.. ..

Use headers rather than ports? (suggested by many)
Use PSRAM ..?

jkonstan (on SRAM 070729):

68AW512M ,an ST 512Kx16 SRAM in a 44 pin TSSOPII package, is no longer produced. We will have to substitue a Cypress (CY62157EV30LL-45ZSXI), ISSI (IS62WV51216BLL-55TI), or Renesas (HM62V16514LTTI-5) SRAM.

PCB can be manufactured by Olimex or Myro (does assembly aswell) or one of the other PCB Manufacturers.

Resources: Inspiration
Case design: solidworks, Maya, Rhino, Blender 3D, Wings 3D.
Case manufacture:

CD32Freak (070730):

Make PCB's with a laser printer
Easy PCB Fabrication
Express fabrication of pcbs from gerber files

Nusim (070730):

Small run of original (Minimig ver. 1.0) bare PCBs.
The only change is the silk screen just to identify the source for quality control.
I stress that these are suitable only for the serious electronics dudes, experimenters and people interested in 1st wave prototypes. They will involve smd work and so are not for the faint hearted!
We are expecting them in next week. As soon as they arrive we will post a link to a paypal shopping cart.
Pricing will be;
£11 - Shipped U.K.
£13 - Shipped Europe (Airmail)
£15 - Shipped USA (Airmail)
We will also try to source the original ST memory and make those available as well.
Any profit will be donated to the TeamAros Kickstart II bounty!

Hans_ 070730:

Actually, it helps with both VCC dip/bounce and ground bounce as it provides a low-inductance path for transient currents on both sides. If you draw out the circuit schematic for a decoupling-capacitor connected to an IC, you'll see that it affects both VCC and ground.
A ground plane is still a good idea. You should be able to create a reasonable ground plane on a 2-layer board if you keep most signal lines on one side and keep any signal traces on the lower layer short.

basman74 070731:

For 100 off, My guess would be like this (prices are in USD) most prices were obtained from Digikey:
Per unit cost - Minimig Rev. 1.0
FPGA: $19.25
PIC: $5.15
PCB: $7.00
2 x SRAM: $14.50
68k CPU: $11.00
misc IC's: $1.80
MMC slot: $2.20
Connectors: $5.50
Headers: $0.50
Passive parts: $4.00
Bare PCB: $7.00
parts delivery: $3.00
Subtotal: $80.90
Assembly: $25.00(hand assembled?)
Unit cost: $105.90
Deduct $32.00 from the above to give you your answer for parts cost minus PCB and assembly.

freqmax 070731:

gEDA electronic CAD (
useing a 1Mx16 ram one can free RAM_SEL1 by using RAM_SEL0 as additional address pin. And one sram instead of two saves a lot of wiring.

Crom00 070811:
Shenzen China.. classic Nintendo 16,8bit,gameboy emulator,AVI,WMV,ebook,picture viewer & camera features, 1 gig ram, sd card slot, FM radio, usb2 with a TFT monitor, and TV output. .. Seems if larger numbers with a complete system are ever considered an outfit like this can do the job.

Used components store - (Troika 070731) digikey: PIC18LF252I/SP (RoHS)
Conrad - Inflated prices, small selection, messy website
Component store - RS-Components
Component store -
Component store -
Howto solder BGA with toaster oven (
Advanced & Expensive? BGA socket

Colin_Camper 071001:

I used these CAPs;
C1 C2 C9 C15 100UF 16V MINI ALUM ELECT (KA) Panasonic 4 P833-ND
C3 C10 C11 C12 C13 C20 C23 C24 C26 C31 C32 C33 C34 C38 C41 C42 C45 C50 C53 C54 C56 CAP 100nF 25V CERAMIC X7R 0805 Panasonic 21 PCC1828CT-ND
C4 C17 C27 C37 CAP TANTALUM 100UF 6.3V 10% SMD AVX Corp. 4 478-1677-1-ND
C5 C6 C7 C8 C16 C18 C19 C21 C22 C25 C28 C29 C30 C35 C36 C39 C40 C43 C44 C46 C52 C55 CAP 10nF 50V CERM CHIP 0805 Panasonic 22 PCC103BNCT-ND
C14 22UF 35V MINI ALUM ELECT (KA) Panasonic 1 P819-ND
C47 CAP 22PF 50V CERM CHIP 0805 SMD Panasonic 1 PCC220CNCT-ND
C49 C51 CAP 47PF 50V CERM CHIP 0805 SMD Panasonic 2 PCC470CGCT-ND
C48 CAP 100PF 50V CERM CHIP 0805 SMD Panasonic 1 PCC101CGCT-ND
Do these diodes look right?
D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 DIODE ULTRAFAST HI COND SOT-23 Fairchild Semiconductor 5 BAV99FSCT-ND

Colin_Camper 071002:

I used these;
Button1 2 SWITCH TACT SPST 130GF VERT SEAL Cannon, ITT Industries 2 401-1828-ND
I used these resistors; cheap! 1%
R1 R15 R19 R21 R23 R51 RES 100 OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD Dale/Vishay 6 541-100CCT-ND
R2 R3 R13 R18 R27 R29 R30 R31 R32 R33 R34 R41 R43 R44 R45 R46 R47 R48 R50 R52 R53 R56 R57 R58 R60 R61 R62 R66 RES 270 OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD Dale/Vishay 28 541-270CCT-ND
R4 R5 R6 R8 R10 R16 R17 RES 560 OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD Dale/Vishay 7 541-560CCT-ND
R7 R9 R11 R28 R54 R67 R68 RES 2.20K OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD Dale/Vishay 7 541-2.20KCCT-ND
R12 R14 R35 R36 R37 R38 R39 R40 R42 R49 RES 100 OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD Dale/Vishay 10 541-100CCT-ND
R20 R22 R24 R59 R63 R64 R65 RES 4.70K OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD Dale/Vishay 7 541-4.70KCCT-ND
R25 R26 RES 180 OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD Dale/Vishay 2 541-180CCT-ND
R55 RES 1.00M OHM 1/8W 1% 0805 SMD Dale/Vishay 1 541-1.00MCCT-ND