Linuxstamp II 8-channel RC Control board

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Servo ls2 small.JPG Linux boebot chasis.JPG


This board can control up to 8 RC servos via the onboard Pololu chip. A simple serial line from the Linuxstamp II controls the Pololu chip. There is also a prototyping area with access to power as well as UART, SPI, I2C & GPIO lines from the Linuxstamp II.


You can get a board from

Power supply[edit]

There are two options for the poser supply. Most of the time a 1.5A linear regulator from ST should be fine (digikey p/n 497-3468-1-ND). However if more current is needed a switching power supply from Recom can be used (digikey p/n 945-1028-ND).


All files for this project are licensed under the GNU GPL V2

Hardware design files[edit]

Warning!!! Use this design at your own risk. You can find the design files here.

Demo programs[edit]

There are 2 demo programs that can be found here.


The mounting holes on the board are designed to match the boebot Chassis. So the board can be used with continuous rotation servos to make a little rover.