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In 2007, automated spam-bots spewed stuff all over Open Circuits. Reverting any one instance only took a minute (see How to delete spam). But there were so many that the nice people of Open Circuits were annoyed that they were spending all their wiki-time dealing with spammers, rather than doing something productive.

What should we do about it?

Lets put our discussion here.

Current Spam Prevention[edit]

Secret we cannot let the terrorists know

How Bad is it Now[edit]

  • Dec 2007

A real problem, reverting takes a lot of time and seems to last about a day.

  • Mar 10 2008

Seems much better, perhaps acceptable. DavidCary ? must have changed something.

Methods We Might Use[edit]

One goal of Open Circuits is to help people build amazing and wonderful things by giving them plans they can use and improve. Spam is a problem when it distracts us from that goal. Alas, the "easy" solutions to spam also prevent us from achieving that goal -- they make it so difficult to help us improve these plans that most people aren't going to bother. Fortunately, people are working on better solutions.

If you have something new add it

Method In use Brief Discussion Pro/Con Vote For with your user name
Shoot Them No
  • Pro: Last time they spam.
  • Con: Cost of ammo
Edits from Registered User Only No
  • Pro: Might help
  • Con: Some may not want to have to register prior to editing. How can we be Open Circuits if we are closed?
Captcha for Non-Registered Users ?
  • Pro: Might help, lets unregistered users comment. Encourages registration
  • Con: Who wants to type in a Captcha
Captcha for All No
  • Pro: Might help
  • Con: Sucks
Register after Email Confirmation ?
  • Pro: Might Help
  • Con: Makes it even harder to register.
Block Users or IP addresses that Spam Yes
  • Pro: Might help if spammers do not spoof thier ip addresses or have means of changing them.
  • Con: Lots of work for admin. Ther may be too many of them for the number of us.

Three cents[edit]

Get rid of captcha it puts people off contributing. Read Mediawiki on Anti-spam features and Combating spam. Install extensions at least: AbuseFilter and DeleteBatch -- Robkam 12:28, 9 November 2012 (UTC)

further reading[edit]

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Free Form Discussion[edit]