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How Russ Does It[edit]

This gives my approach to Eagle, perhaps others will add section on how they do it. It is not the right way, it reflects my means and goals and will probably evolve over time. One of the main ideas is to keep it really simple. If you track down some of my projects ( i will add a list at some point ) you can decide how well it works.

  • I use toner transfer, single sided boards, any simpler would be no sides.
  • I keep the features big, use dips, and do not run traces between pins.
  • I often use several boards, the power supply may be a seperate board.
  • To ease layout I often let off board connections be spread over the board, this means I sometimes cannot use inline connectors, which is a shame.
  • I use the auto router almsot exclusively, I route, look at the board, move components, do it again, and again, and.....
  • I do a toner transfer onto the top after I drill.
  • I use the free version, but I am thinking of taking one step up to do larger boards.

How ??? Does It[edit]

Your additions here.