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**Re download and get back to the original parameter file.
**Re download and get back to the original parameter file.
== Links ==
*'''Click on Category ClipBoard ''' below
*'''[https://opencircuits.com/index.php?title=Python_Smart_ClipBoard Python Smart ClipBoard - OpenCircuits ]'''  main page for this application.

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This is the Help "file" for the Python Application whose main page is: Python Smart ClipBoard

Right now this is Junk program working help needs so much work

2021 April .... working on enhancements so may get this page right, had to get wiki here working again, finally is Fix coming soon..... No it is not, help is going to link to the main project page. This material will be reused elsewhere if useful.


Transformations is one of the principal functions of the ClipBoard App, there is a whole page that lists most of them ( they are frequently enhanced keeping up is hard to do )

Clipboard Transformations


  • Edit the parameter file: Use your development environment for Python or a text editor to edit parameters.py. See also: The section below, Configuration Files For Python. I have a button on the GUI for this.
  • Install: see section above.
  • Debug: see section below.
  • Quick Restart of the application: Not in this app, just shutdown and restart.
  • Use your preferred text editor. In the parameter file, see below.

More Info Here

How to Use the Parameter File

See: Configuration Files For Python

Editing of the parameters.py file

    • See above in Download and Install
  • Enable your favorite editor to work with the application.
    • self.ex_editor = r"D:\apps\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" # use r" or the backslashes will not work, or you can use forward slashes instead; they may be "wrong" in Windowd, but they work.
  • Lots of other settings:
    • Read the comments in parameters.py and change as desired. If a setting does not work let me know.
  • If you mess up.
    • Re download and get back to the original parameter file.