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If you find a best buy, or special bargin, list it here. Include the posted date. If you find a deal is gone, do not delete but simply note the fact under posted -- some deals come back and it can be useful to see where they were even if they are not there now. Be aware that some may not be the highest quality, the cheapest is not always the best buy, but lets be aware of this and not rag on it.

What Where Posted

Very inexpensive meter $2.99 7 FUNCTION MULTI-TESTER Jan 28 russ_hensel
Free meter meter with $50 order and other deals YOUR CHOICE of one of the ITEMS BELOW! Jan 28 russ_hensel
Diagonal Cutters 2.99, also similiar tools look around. 7" PROFESSIONAL DIAGONAL PLIERS Jan 28 russ_hensel
Serial adapter with DTR support for those who have an RS232 port. Includes DB9 Male / DB9 Female serial cable (while supplies last). $7.00 Was P4 Adapter/Serial Cable now gone, and/or sparkfun may have someting as a replacement, but probably not so cheaply, anyone have a place that can match the 7.00 price? It may be back, see Serial Adapter looks like it may be the same as P4 - Serial TTL-to-RS232 Adapter/Programmer (rev 1.0) with DTR Support also at a good price. Jan 28 russ_hensel
Oscilloscope Old scopes often go for under $100. on ebay. It is really nice to have one. Ebay. See also our list of some some low-cost oscilloscopes. Feb 08 russ_hensel
Lots of Stuff If you are in Mass. in the summer the MIT Flea is well worth a look MIT Flea Feb 08 russ_hensel
LCD Front Panel Set: 2x16 LCD w/HD44780 controller, 4 push buttons, 3 LEDs and a 2x12 pin header. Hard to buy the parts any cheaper. LCD Front Panel Set Mar 08 russ_hensel
Cheap red low current led's 100units=$5 uses only 2ma Mar 29 C_Gibbons
Cheap green led's 100units=$5 Mar 29 C_Gibbons

See Salvage Parts and Sources for an index of what useful components are hidden in which easily-acquired nonfunctional appliance.

See Supplier#Surplus for local places to buy electronics.

See supplier for a list of mail-order suppliers.