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A variety of "open" tools for optical and radio astronomy.

People in astronomy have been sharing electronics information for a long time.

Some people use a motor driver to point the telescope in the right location.


main: cooling

Both radio and optical astronomy seems to work better when the receiver is cold.

  • A Temperature Controlled Head Amplifier for 408MHz Radio Astronomy[1]
  • Peltier Cooler for DSLR. A temperature reduction of 12 'C apparently reduces the CCD dark current by a factor of 4.[2]
  • [3]
  • This Web Cam Autoguiding thread also mentions Peltier cooling[4]
  • "Noise Experiment #5: Peltier Cooler" describes more or les directly bolting a Peltier to the bottom of a DSLR camera.[5]
  • "DSLR Peltier Coolbox"[6]
  • "Is it more efficient to stack two Peltier modules or to set them side by side?"[7]
  • "Thermistor control of peltier voltage with Arduino (for DSLR chill box project)"[8]

astronomy wiki[edit]

Someone over at the Bad Astronomy and Universe Today forum are considering using a wiki for FAQs and "a small library of the "Greatest Hits"".

Should I jump in and recommend one of the below astronomy wiki? I've been using wiki so long that I am a little disconcerted when a discussion forum has rules heavily discouraging editing even one's own posts, disparaging such edits as "revisionism". (But perhaps those people don't know about the "history" feature of most wiki). --DavidCary 22:55, 20 September 2007 (PDT)

astronomy wiki[edit]

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