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hi ~

i have some question about the product of XC6203P30AFR which i have seen at the above website:

it said that it have low power advantage. anyone know it ? pls give advise ,thanks~

I try to look up data sheets of a part at the web site of the company that actually produces the part -- in this case, the Torex XC6203. That way I know I have the latest datasheet with the latest errata, rather than some old obsolete version of the datasheet.
This linear voltage regulator's "low power advantage" is its extremely low dropout voltage ("150mV @ 100mA & 300mV @ 200mA").
But that is only useful when you are *also* using a switching voltage regulator.
For most hobbyist work, where we use a simple linear regulator to convert from one random battery voltage to the voltage needed by our chips, all linear regulators (including this one) dissipate about the same amount of power, so this has no particular advantage.
--DavidCary 07:58, 10 July 2008 (PDT)