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hi everybody.I am majored in Electronic .Now I Want to share the electronic technical knowledge, we also discuss about it .

DO you know some integrated circuit models,and how to find their datasheet and pdf ,free download.Now some friends tell me a IC platform

There are many IC models in it ,eg: LM324 LM358 NBC3111 LM317 LM339 MAX232 78L05 NE555 TL431 7805 2SK1522 P521 DS18B20 TDA2030 S8050 PC817

If you want to download MAX232 datasheet and pdf ,you can click here more and more detail contact with me

Hi Seekic,

An increasing number of your posts are entirely commercial in nature. In one instance, I have seen you replace a page of useful information with your own commercial posting.

This Wiki can't support that kind of traffic if it is going to be a successful source of information for this site's users.

Please refrain from posting what are essentially advertisements, and never replace other people's posts with your own, especially when it is purely commercial.

--Chazegh 13:42, 16 July 2008 (PDT)