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Hi,everybody, I have some infromation about LCA100、LCA1002416 and LCA10049 ,hopeing to help somebady who need it .And the infromantion come from,a very good site. Description of LCA100 LCA1002416 LCA10049

LCA100 is a 350V, 120mA, 25Ω 1-Form-A relay. It features the lowest on-resistance in an OptoMOS relay with 350V peak load voltage. Current limiting version is also available. (“L” suffix). Absolute Maximum Ratings are stress ratings. Stresses in excess of these ratings can cause permanent damage to the device. Functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of this data sheet is not implied.Exposure of the device to the absolute maximum ratings for an extended period may degrade the device and effect its reliability. Thanks!


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Silicon N-channel enhancement mode vertical D-MOS transistor designed for communications transmitter applications in the UHF frequency range. The transistor is encapsulated in a 6-lead, SOT171 flange envelope, with a ceramic cap. All leads are isolated from the flange. The devices are marked with a VGS indication intended for matched pair applications.

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DESCRIPTION of NEZ4450-15D and NEZ4450-3B[edit]

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DESCRIPTION of NEZ4450-15D and NEZ4450-3B

The NEZ Series of microwave power GaAs FETs offer high output power, high gain and high efficiency at C-band for microwave and satellite communications. Internal input and output circuits matched to 50 Ω are designed to provide good flatness of gain and output power in allocated band. To reduce the thermal resistance, the device has a PHS (Plated Heat Sink) structure. NEC’s strigent quality assurance and test procedures guarantee the highest reliability and performance.

The M/A-COM SW-488 Datasheet and pdf[edit]

HI,everyone, The M/A-COM SW-488 Datasheet and pdf

The M/A-COM SW-488 is a GaAs monolithic switch in a low cost, FQFP-N, surface mount plastic package. The SW-488 is ideally suited for applications where very low power consumption, high power handling, and low cost are required. The SW-488 includes an integrated decoder. The switch offers GSM power handling with below +2.5V control voltage. The supply voltage VDD should be connected to the highest available voltage. The SW-488 is fabricated using a new 0.5 -micron gate length GaAs pHEMT process. The process features full chip passivation for increased performance and reliability. This switch is designed for Dual Mode WCDMA/GSM/DCS handsets where the phone needs to be able to simultaneously receive a WCDMA and GSM signal. thank you !

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ISL9005IRRZ-T Datasheet and PDF[edit]

Hi,everybody, To share with you ! ISL9005IRRZ-T Datasheet and PDF

ISL9011 is a high performance dual LDO capable of sourcing 150mA current from channel 1 and 300mA from channel 2. The device has a low standby current and highPSRR and is stable with output capacitance of 1µF to 10µF with ESR of up to 200mΩ. A reference bypass pin allows an external capacitor for adjusting a noise filter for low noise and high PSRR applications. The quiescent current is typically only 45µA with both LDO’s enabled and active. Separate enable pins control each individual LDO output. When both enable pins are low, the device is in shutdown, typically drawing less than 0.1µA. Several combinations of voltage outputs are standard. Others are available on request. Output voltage options for each LDO range from 1.2V to 3.6V. Thank you!

HX6356-BNT Datasheet and PDF[edit]

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HX6356-BNT Datasheet and PDF

The HX6356-BNT Radiation Hardened Static RAM is a high performance 32,768 word x 8-bit static random access memory with industry-standard functionality. It is fabricated with Honeywell’s radiation hardened technology, and is designed for use in systems operating in harsh, transient radiation environments. The RAM operates over the full military temperature range and requires only a single 5 V ±10% power supply. The RAM is available with either TTL or CMOS compatible I/O. Power consumption is typically less than 15 mW/MHz in operation, and less than 5 mW when de-selected. The RAM read operation is fully asynchronous, with an associated typical access time of 14 ns at 5V.Honeywell’s enhanced SOI RICMOS™IV (Radiation Insensitive CMOS) technology is radiation hardened through the use of advanced and proprietary design, layout and process hardening techniques. The RICMOS™ IV process is a 5-volt, SIMOX CMOS technology with a 150 Å gate oxide and a minimum drawn feature size of 0.75 µm (0.6 µmeffective gate length—Leff). Additional features include tungsten via plugs, Honeywell’s proprietary SHARP planarization process, and a lightly doped drain (LDD) structure for improved short channel reliability. A 7 transistor(7T) memory cell is used for superior single event upset hardening, while three layer metal power bussing and the low collection volume SIMOX substrate provide improved dose rate hardening. Thank you !

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NM24C05U datashee and pdf[edit]

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NM24C05U datashee and pdf

The NM24C04U/05U devices are 4K (4,096) bit serial interface CMOS EEPROMs (Electrically Erasable Programmable ReadOnly Memory). These devices fully conform to the Standard I2C™ 2-wire protocol which uses Clock (SCL) and Data I/O (SDA) pins to synchronously clock data between the "master" (for example a microprocessor) and the "slave" (the EEPROM device). In addition, the serial interface allows a minimal pin count packaging designed to simplify PC board layout requirements and offers the designer a variety of low voltage and low power options. NM24C05U incorporates a hardware "Write Protect" feature, by which, the upper half of the memory can be disabled against programming by connecting the WP pin to VCC. This section of memory then effectively becomes a ROM (Read-Only Memory) and can no longer be programmed as long as WP pin is connected to VCC.Fairchild EEPROMs are designed and tested for applications requiring high endurance, high reliability and low power consumption for a continuously reliable non-volatile solution for all markets.

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TC54VN5301EZBRTP Datasheet and PDF[edit]

Hi,everyone, I want to share the Knowledge about C54VN5301EZBRTP with you . GENERAL DESCRIPTION of TC54VN5301EZBRTP Datasheet and PDF

The TC54 Series are CMOS voltage detectors, suited especially for battery-powered applications because of their extremely low 1µA operating current and small surface mount packaging. Each part is laser trimmed to the desired threshold voltage which can be specified from 2.1V to 6.0V, in 0.1V steps. The device includes a comparator, low-current high precision reference, laser-trimmed divider, hysteresis circuit and output driver. The TC54 is available with either an opendrain or complementary output stage. In operation, the TC54's output (VOUT) remains in the logic HIGH state as long as VIN is greater than the specified threshold voltage (VDET). When VIN falls below VDET, the output is driven to a logic LOW. VOUT remains LOW until VIN rises above VDET by an amount VHYST,whereupon it resets to a logic HIGH. Thank you .

RN5RL28AA information[edit]

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CD4072BE dadasheet I have found.[edit]

I have find CD4072BE dadasheet,it is Manufacturer by TI [Texas Instruments]

sheet acquired from Harris Semiconductor SCHS056 IMPORTANT NOTICE Texas Instruments and its 

subsidiaries (TI) reserve the right to make changes to their products or to discontinue any product or service without notice, and advise customers to obtain the latest version of relevant information to verify, before placing orders, that information being relied on is current and complete. All products are sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale supplied at the time of order acknowledgement, including those pertaining to warranty, patent infringement, and limitation of liability. TI warrants performance of its semiconductor products to the specifications applicable at the time of sale in accordance with TI's standard warranty. Testing and other quality control techniques are utilized to the extent TI deems necessary to support this warranty. etc