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Dear "User:",

Welcome to Open Circuits.

Thank you for fighting spammers here. I hope to talk the sysop into installing better anti-spam software Real Soon Now.

Sometimes spammers don't merely add spam. Sometimes they delete good content.

I'm happy that you are deleting spam.

But do you know about "reverting"? Reverting is often faster than manually deleting the spam, and has the added benefit of restoring good content that spammers may have deleted.

By "reverting", I mean: from the "Page history" view or a diff view, click the date of the version of the page before spammers mangled it. Then hit edit, then (without making any changes to the page) add a "rv" (revert) comment to the summary and immediately hit the "save" button.

As always, feel free to try things out on our test pages -- the sandbox and the Meta:Sandbox.

(Is there a better place I can move this description of "reverting"?)

--DavidCary 23:02, 7 September 2007 (PDT)

Thanks for the welcome. I've been trying to cleanup the mess that did on september 6th. But because I do this from work, and they use symantec as a web filter, some pages that should be legitimate are blocked for content, so I can't even revert those... Ok, it's not my job, but I like things in order. Can someone finish the cleanup? D.

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