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Dear "",

Welcome to Open Circuits.

I hope you enjoy reading what others have contributed, and will contribute, to Open Circuits. I hope you contribute to making Open Circuits a better place.

Please consider "creating" an account. (It's fine to use a pseudonym. You don't even need to give an email address).

May I ask what you are doing with the Programmable Chip EEG ? I can't tell if you are merely removing irrelevant and incorrect information (good!), or just randomly changing and deleting stuff (bad!).

Why do you think this EEG needs at least 20 bit ADC ?

--DavidCary 13:54, 11 July 2007 (PDT)

I am streamlining the design it has changed drasticly from its infancy and now I am working on the microcontroler development board that fallows a modular open source design that can be usefull to the community. Then in increments I hope to add the ads1255 a/d converter. Then add the eeg amplifier section. So this design is being built from many angles trying to get the best design for the community looking for a high quality EEG data aquisition system with simultanious mesurments with less discreete components and greater functionality.

This EEG project looks really useful. I am glad you are publishing it so the next EEG builder doesn't have to start from scratch. Also I am glad you are publishing it so people, such as myself, that are building something that electrically is quite similar, can re-use and adapt parts of it to fit a new application. Thank you.

How can I help? Please write a "How you can help" section either on the Programmable Chip EEG page or on its talk page. Too many people -- such as myself -- are reluctant to ask for help, because in school, asking people for help on school assignments was seen as "cheating". Too often I see people -- such as myself -- banging our heads against walls for months trying to do something, then later we learn "the trick" for doing it. "Why didn't you tell me before?" "You never asked!". --DavidCary 11:03, 19 July 2007 (PDT)

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