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(There is currently no text in this page)

(I know, because I just checked.)

(This place used to be lousy with text.)

(Now, it is horrible with it.)

Lou is a freaky dude who is trying to figure out where it's all at, man. Lou has just started referring to himself in the third person to see if it is really as annoying as it is purported to be. It is, but I haven't told him that yet. I will tell him right after the end of this list.

Lou is an old dude; going through his midlife crisis. Yes, that is supposed to come later. His came early. Bite him. Lou is nutty as a nut and sane as a square. Squirrels are strangely attracted to him. Squares, not so much.

Lou has been doin' the circuits-n-stuff thing forever. Always took stuff apart. Often got it back together.

Exploring their metallic and plasticy viscera.

Oh, come on, like you aren't weird too.

If you're a hot chick who's into electronics and/or computers, message Lou. Computer games do not count; though they won't count against you too heavily if you can use vi. Lou (not Paris Hilton) will be the arbiter of who's hot. You may be surprised.

Lou apologizes for the use of the word "chick" on this page. He was unable to select a better one at the time. To this day, he struggles with that choice.

Lou realizes that it is quite possible that no human female will ever read this page, which is really too bad as he fancies them quite a bit, really. Or maybe that is a really good thing. Yeah, probably.

Lou does not want a fight. He will cool it, whatever it is. He is a big wuss that way.

When lou dies, he wants it to be on purpose. Either his or somebody else's. Which makes sense, because the other options are accident, disease, and old age, and all of those are pretty lame ways to die. At least with purpose, something has been accomplished for somebody somewhere. Otherwise, it has all been for naught.

Lou's internal id number is 4. He keeps hitting the snooze on his biological clock. He could not care less whether or not he posted before anybody else, and sincerely wishes that anybody who does care about such things would just die and leave the rest of us alone already.

Lou likes the AVR platform, though he has not yet actually built anything with it. The closest that comes to that is when he tweaked a Motorola WR850G enough to connect it to his AVR Butterfly and change the textual message on the screen when certain IO lines were toggled. He has just sent in an order to have some boards fabbed. One of them will host an ATmega8. Before AVR, Lou liked PIC for its simplicity, but that became its downfall. Why do they not make micros with lots of RAM built in? Particularly those which can boot over a network. A megabyte in a micro would be like the embedded programming version of sex. So lately, he has been looking at the embedded ARM offerings. They don't have that much memory onboard yet, but just wait until they catch on. Oh to dream of the day when Lou can power on his lump at the end of a USB cable and have it fetch a firmware image to become whatever device. That technology exists now.

Lou is the proud owner of a SAM7-H64 from Olimex, which he bought from Spark Fun. It is so very cute. It comes in its very own 4-color printed cardboard box. Maybe, one day, he will have some bootable code for it.

Lou wants me to make extra sure you know that he really digs the ladies a lot and remind you of the whole preceeding section on that. I have no idea why.

Lou is going to totally kill me when he sees this.

This is just un-called-for.

Lou does not know when enough is enough.

He really has no clue.

You can spell it out right in front of him using his own account, and he remains oblivious.

Lou is a god, baby, and doesn't care if you believe it.

He is not holding me at gunpoint right now.

No, I'm not just saying that to avoid having my head blown off.