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''(moved to [[POV display]])''
''(moved to [[POV display]])''
== Full-color LED lighting ==
Site - very comprehensive and meticulous from all points of view, it�s good!
Just excellent website, I'm sure!
I'm planning to build a silly little toy with 3 LEDs -- one for red, green, and blue --
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to show how "additive colors" work (a "color wheel").
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(I might just extend it to have a whole spectrum of visible and infrared LEDs, and a prism to show the little spikes in the spectrum that LEDs generate).
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"Red, Green, and Blue LED based white light generation"
by Muthu, Schuurmans, and Pashley (2002)
LED illumination applications
"How Many Red, Green, and Blue LEDs to make White"
by Don Klipstein 2001
LED Color Shifting
== "PC Card" PCMCIA ==
== "PC Card" PCMCIA ==

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Welcome to my little corner of Open Circuits.

I think I first stumbled across Open Circuits on 2006-03-01. I had been starting to set up a electronics-related wiki, but since this one was already here, why bother?

Feel free to leave a note on my talk page.

I created the WikiNode.

Electronic projects: (Should I move these to dedicated pages such as electronics workbench, etc.?)

electronics workbench

What exactly do I need for "normal" electronics development? I have a pile of stuff, and I have a wishlist of more stuff ... I hope to document which things are important to have, which things are useful but not immediately necessary, and which things ended up just gathering dust.

data collection network

I'm building a "data collection network" that may end up with hundred of microcontroller sensor nodes, piping data into a PC. This may turn into a serious medical diagnosis tool.

POV display

(moved to POV display)

Site - very comprehensive and meticulous from all points of view, it�s good! Just excellent website, I'm sure!

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I maintain the unofficial PC Card FAQ.

I'd like to move it to a wiki. What would be the best wiki to put it on? Open Circuits?

-- DavidCary

Open Circuits Sysop

Whee! I'm a sysop at Open Circuits! The power -- it's rushing to my head! --DavidCary 15:20, 23 February 2007 (PST)