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Could you possibly eplain what to do with the .lbr file for someone who doesn't have a clue? There's absolutely no explanation on this site, or even an explanation of what this site is. I moved it to different folders for a while, but then that got boring, so I started uploading it to different servers, which eventually got old as well. So I made 700 copies in one folder until my hard drive crashed. I think maybe that was the correct thing to do.

OK, I'll explain what it is -- under one condition. You must, in return, explain something you know to some other newbie (which may or may not be me). This is a "library" file for the EDA software known as "Eagle". If there isn't enough information at Techniques#software_design_tools for you to download your own free demo copy of the Eagle software and use these ".lbr" files, please tell me. --DavidCary 15:14, 11 May 2007 (PDT)

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