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Hello, it will be great if you can add the LM072 Bluetooth module to the Eagle library


Could you possibly eplain what to do with the .lbr file for someone who doesn't have a clue? There's absolutely no explanation on this site, or even an explanation of what this site is. I moved it to different folders for a while, but then that got boring, so I started uploading it to different servers, which eventually got old as well. So I made 700 copies in one folder until my hard drive crashed. I think maybe that was the correct thing to do.

OK, I'll explain what it is -- under one condition. You must, in return, explain something you know to some other newbie (which may or may not be me). This is a "library" file for the EDA software known as "Eagle". If there isn't enough information at Techniques#software_design_tools for you to download your own free demo copy of the Eagle software and use these ".lbr" files, please tell me. --DavidCary 15:14, 11 May 2007 (PDT)

Download links[edit]

None of the download links seem to work at present: "The requested URL /tutorial/ was not found on this server."

Export to other formats[edit]

Sorry to ask for it, but ... in any way you would export to other format like Protel, OrCAD, ... ??? Even if Eagle is great, I found nothing to use these parts in other tools. Am I wrong ?

Anyway, that's would be greatly appreciated, I think, not only from me.

There are some footprints in these formats on the PCB Footprints page. Hope that helps. --DavidCary 14:17, 6 August 2007 (PDT)

Are you using linux? Then put the .lbr files in /usr/share/eagle/lib. .lbr files contain devices, is as simple as that :)

I am attempting to use the Spark Fun library (under Ubuntu 9.04) with 4.16 Eagle. Eagle will not open the library saying that Eagle 4.60 or greater must be used. I think this is an error.

I'm having the same issue, anyone have an answer to this issue yet? 7/30/09 - Thanks!

Corrupt SparkFun Eagle Library zip file[edit]

I have tried to download the SparkFun Eagle Library zip file from 2 different computers (XP and Windows 7) and it says the compressed folder is invalid or corrupted. I also tried older versions of the library and the same thing happened. Thanks! I am really looking forward to creating a PCB for a Clodbuster rover I want to make.