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Table something

Name Platform License AutoRouter Comments
gEDA Linux, *BSD free,OSS Ar gEDA wiki includes schematic and PCB for makeing gerbers etc...
McCAD EDS Lite Pl Free demo max 200pin Ar Free demo version available for download, 200 pin limit
McCAD EDS SE "free" Free book, "Apple I Replica Creation". Supports 750 pins, 11"x17" sheet size, 6-8 data layers. <tangent>(any useful tips in this book for those who want to build a CPU from scratch?) <reply>No, there are not. The book is more entry-level. - Tom Owad</reply></tangent>
FreePCB Win32 Free, OSS Ar PCB Design Software
TinyCAD Win32 Free,OSS Ar Schematic Drawing Software
KiCad Win32,Linux,*BSD Free,OSS Ar EDA suite
Express PCB Pl Free Ar
Protel DXP Pl Li Ar independent Protel users FAQ
Eagle Win32,Linux? Limited demo Ar Eagle tutorial from Sparkfun Eagle tutorial (makezine)
DipTrace Pl Free 30day demo Ar
WinQcad Pl Free demo Ar Demo with max 499 pins available for download
Rimu Schematic and Rimu PCB Pl Li Ar ???
SuperCAD and SuperPCB Pl Li Ar
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xx xx xx Pl Li Ar AUTOTraxEDA. Holy poop! It does EVERYTHING for NOTHING (ed: not anymore). It won't run on *nix or anything less than NT (nope, it don't work on '98) but other than that, it appears to be a complete violation of the TANSTAAFL rules. {ed: yep... now it costs.} And the user forums have shown a certain lack of satisfaction with the program. Pl Li Ar The ExpressPCB Windows layout software makes designing PC boards simple for the beginner and efficient for the professional. Its standard Windows user interface uses all the familiar commands such as copy, cut, paste & dragging. PC board manufacturing service delivers boards in 3 business days or less. Often orders for two boards cost under $100. They keep changeing the program and old files may not work (due to increased limitations on the placement of objects) in the new versions without some rework. See TCI which is just about the same and prints or outputs to Gerber / Excellon files. Pl Li Ar Circad's DOS layout Demo is free for non-commercial use. Pl Li Ar xNIX Electronic Design Automation project has Schematic capture with PCB CAD. Pl Li Ar Vutrax for Windows - free for under 256 component pins Pl Li Ar Electronic Workbench * ( Interactive Image Technologies Ltd.) $ 400 for 500 pins. Includes schematic capture and simulation, virtual instruments , and PCB layout. Said to be stable. Pl Li Ar Absolutely free (GPL'ed) PCB program which can work under any POSIX compliant operating system (eg. Linux) and can produce Gerber or PostScript files. Pl Li Ar They have a lite version "pic bundle" aprx. $149.00 includes schematic/simulation/pcb layout. You can write pic code for your pic schematic design and simulate. Even multi-pic,keypad,lcd display (really cool). Right now it can only simulate PIC1683/1684 (lite version limited to 1k program code), but it really works. They are working on more pic modules now. Will not produce Gerber/Excellion drill files only dxf, bmp, hpgl, tiff. Pl Li Ar Winboard PCB Layout Pl Li Ar Draftcad Pl Li Ar MicroCad