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This is the holy grail for SFE. Each footprint is a custom layout. This library has been compiled over 5 years and 100s of man hours worth of work. If you are a student, please, enjoy and learn. If you are a professional, please buy something from www.sparkfun.com to help us out.

List of current fp's: 5-Lead DD PAK - Voltage regulator 0603 - This is the basic 0603 footprint. Use this or 0603 - OLD1 0603 - LED 0603 - OLD1 - Original, tight 0603 layout. Works great, very minimal 1206 - LED - This is a very revised, nice layout for 1206 LEDs including an expanded paste layer for a nice solid solder connection 3216 EIA-A - Perfect for 10uF tantulum caps 7343 EIA-D - Perfect for 100uF tantulum caps Antenna - 2.4GHz - This is the antenna found on the RF-24G devices. No guarantees it will impedance match Antenna - 2.45GHz - Chip antenna fp Antenna - SMA - Vertical mount SMA or RP-SMA connector Antenna - SMA - End Launch BGA-32 - 32 ball bga for the Analog Device's ADXRS MEMs gyros BlueRadio with Antenna - This is the FP for the Bluetooth module. No guarantees. It's a bit odd with restricted areas. CF Socket - Basic CF breakout. Start from here and make it fit your part CF Socket - Recommended - more silkscreen, wider solder pads CNZ1120 - Optical photo intr/sensor fp Coin Cell Holder 12mm - SMD Coin Cell Holder 20mm - PTH Connector Molex x - Vertical and right angle connectors with polarized connectors DB9 Headers - various DB9 connector FPs include PTH and end launch DIN-3 - DIN connector DIP connectors GM862 - Cellular module FP with antenna, pin1 indicator, and shield holes (proven, works great!) Headers - Various SIP 0.1" headers Lassen iQ - Couple FPs for the Lassen iQ with and w/o silkscreen lines (proven, works great) LCC8 - Special - Minimal FP for the ADXL series accelerometers from Analog Devices (proven, works great) LCD 16x2 - This is mechanical and electrical FP for 16x2 LCD from SFE. (proven, works great) LED Polarized - Simple T1, 5mm LED FP LED Polarized 3mm - 3mm LED fp, works ok. Hard to see silkscreen LFCSP - Recommended and modified FP for the newer ADXL32x series from Analog Devices. Recommended FP is proven and works great. microSD Socket - Proven, works great MLP-24 - Used for the nRF2401-ish ICs from Nordic. Proven, works great MLP-28 - Used for the CP210x USB ICs from SI Labs. Proven, works great PIC ICSP Mini - This is a custom FP by SFE. It's a in circuit serial programming jack that is 1.5mm pitch. Used to program just a bootloader onto a board without using up the space of a full sized programming header Power Jack - common barrel jacks with silk and mechanical layers Power Switch - Common SPDT switch, can be used for power or signal QFN-16 - Used for the MMA7260Q triple axis accelerometer. Works great but has some interesting keepout lines to keep vias out from under the IC QRD1114 - FP for the QRD1114 IR line sensor QUAD44 - TQFP package for the 16F877A IC Radial Caps - Various FPs for radial caps. Be sure your part matches the various dimensions. RJ11 - Jack for ICD or telephone Screw Terminal - 0.1" pitch screw terminal, two position version has two peg holes for structural stability SD-MMC Socket - Just what it sounds like SJ-2503A - 2.5mm stero jack SMA - Diode - Good 1A reverse polarized diode SMD Cap - SMD eletrolytics. Use at your own risk SOD-323 - Very small diode, good for signals SOIC - various soic FPs Solder Jumper - NC - Normally closed solder jumper. The paste layer is expanded so during reflow, extra paste is available so the jumper is shorted Solder Jumper - NO - Normall Open solder jumper. Paste layer is there, but not enough for a short Solder Switch - handy for SMD switches just using a soldering iron SOT-23 - Commom BJT footprint with various configuration. Check the datasheet for your particular part. SOT-23A - FP for popular small voltage regulators SOT-223 - Bigger 1A voltage regulators use this footprint like the LM1117 SOT-457 - Transistor array FP SPDT Relay - Couple relay footprints SSOP - Various SSOP footprints Stencil Peg - This is an alignment hole for the Stencil-Alignment-System as well as a stand-off hole. Switch - Various momentary switch FPs. SMD, PTH, and Right Angle PTH Terminal Block - Various screw terminal blocks TO-92 - Various v-reg and PTH transistor FPs TO-220 - Various PTH FPs including LM317, LM7805, and heat sinked FPs TRF-24G - Pop