SFE Eagle Shortcuts

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This is the the latest spot for SparkFun Keyboard Shortcuts for Eagle

These are the shortcuts that we use at SparkFun to control Eagle. Admittedly, they are setup from a left-handed person's perspective, but they can still be used by a right-handed mouse person.

Windows may freak when it sees a *.scr file. This is because a screen saver file (also *.scr) is a common way for a virus to get into a computer. The SCR files listed below are not viri. They are just simple text files. If you're paranoid (like we are), you can download the file and open it with Notepad or your favorite text editor. There's nothing there but Eagle specific text commands.

Eagle Shortcuts December 4th, 2008. Copy this eagle.scr file into the Eagle\scr\ directory. This version now includes bright white coloring of the tplace layer, and correctly colors the different layers (tplace, bplace, tdocu).

Eagle Shortcuts Pre 12-4. Copy this eagle.scr file into the Eagle\scr\ directory.