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Unfortunately, when I go to pick LEDs out of the catalogs, they're not
Unfortunately, when I go to pick LEDs out of the catalogs, they're not
rated in lumens, they're rated in candelas.
rated in lumens, they're rated in candelas.
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Spoke-POV and propeller clocks links:
Spoke-POV and propeller clocks links:
* A POV device able to display any video file thanks to an embedded Gumstix http://roseace.telecom-paristech.fr/
* An entire discussion forum devoted to POV displays http://www.ladyada.net.nyud.net:8090/forums/viewforum.php?f=11
* An entire discussion forum devoted to POV displays http://www.ladyada.net.nyud.net:8090/forums/viewforum.php?f=11
** In particular, lots of nice pictures http://www.ladyada.net.nyud.net:8090/forums/viewtopic.php?p=4712
** In particular, lots of nice pictures http://www.ladyada.net.nyud.net:8090/forums/viewtopic.php?p=4712
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* [http://popsci.com/povclock Popular Science: "Build It: The Persistence of Vision Wall Clock"] by Dave Prochnow
* [http://popsci.com/povclock Popular Science: "Build It: The Persistence of Vision Wall Clock"] by Dave Prochnow
* Arduino Polar Scanner Project [http://www.desk-nijverdal.nl/ArduinoPOV.html]
* Arduino Polar Scanner Project [http://www.desk-nijverdal.nl/ArduinoPOV.html]
* LilyPad Arduino POV Wristband [http://blog.craftzine.com/archive/2010/03/lilypad_arduino_pov_wristband.html]
* "Mechanically scanned display stuff" built by Rickard Gunée [http://www.rickard.gunee.com/projects/]
While most POV displays spin the LEDs in a complete circle, some "wiggle" the LEDs back and forth:
While most POV displays spin the LEDs in a complete circle, some "wiggle" the LEDs back and forth:
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* "the Orbital Rendersphere"[http://www.orbitalrendersphere.com/][http://beagleboard.org/blog/2013-12-17-project-spotlight-orbital-rendersphere/][http://www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=36&doc_id=1319591&print=yes][http://www.popularmechanics.com/technology/engineering/gonzo/7-builds-we-love-from-world-maker-faire-new-york-2013-7#slide-7][http://makerfaire.com/makers/makerbars-orbital-rendersphere-2-0/], aka the "Big Giant Spinning Limb Slicer".
The Orbital Rendersphere displays images and videos on a four-foot diameter spherical surface using persistence of vision (POV).
Uses a (stationary) Mac Mini to render each frame, and a (spinning) BeagleBone Black to update the LEDs.
Slip ring for power; Wi-Fi to transfer data.
The Orbital Rendersphere displays video at 30 frames per second by spinning four vertical LED strips spaced 90 degrees apart at 450 RPM.
36 feet of WS80211 LED strips.
''(But it looks like 2 complete circles, each 4 ft diameter -- isn't that closer to 25 feet?)''
102x224 pixel resolution.
Several people comment that this is the biggest POV globe they've ever seen.
It's mentioned on p. 1-44 of
John Baichtal, "Robot Builder"[http://books.google.com/books?id=6W4eBQAAQBAJ].
Uses LEDscape[https://trmm.net/Orbital_Rendersphere].
* "Mike Cook's magic wand"[http://www.raspberrypi.org/mike-cooks-magic-wand/][http://www.thebox.myzen.co.uk/Raspberry/Magic_Wand.html].
* Mike Szczys. [http://hackaday.com/2012/09/11/full-color-video-on-a-spinning-pov-display/ "Full-color video on a spinning POV display"]. Built by Félix, Sylvain, and Jérémy at at Telecom ParisTech. highest-resolution POV display I've seen so far. "The time it took us was roughly two months full time". (Does this have a name?)
* [https://www.das-labor.org/wiki/Borg_Ventilator "Borg Ventilator"]. Twice the resolution of the Telecom ParisTech display? A total of 244 RGB LEDs (spread over 4 wings). Has standard VGA input; a Xilinx FPGA and a bunch of support chips convert to circular coordinates. Power through slip rings. Data through non-contact inductive transfer (recycled VCR head). "The speed is infinitely adjustable between 0 and 2500 rpm / min. The FPGA adapts to the actual speed"
* Collin Cunningham. "Ceiling fan POV display"[http://makezine.com/2009/07/23/how-to-ceiling-fan-pov-display/][http://www.instructables.com/id/Ceiling-Fan-LED-Display/]. A single ATMEGA328 and 20 74HC595 shift registers to drive the LEDs. 32 LEDs per fan blade x 5 blades = 160 LEDs.
* Gareth Branwyn. "MonkeyLectric 3D spherical POV display"[http://makezine.com/2010/12/15/dan-goldwater-projects/][http://www.instructables.com/id/n00tron-3D-Spherical-Display-Interactive-Exhibit/]. by Dan Goldwater / MonkeyLectric.
* [http://stargateeggbeater.com/ "The Stargate Eggbeater: Spherical Persistence of Vision (POV) Display Device"].
"we recently decided to move this project to the Raspberry Pi board away from Arduino.
The capabilities and processing power of the Pi are much greater than Arduino.
... [but] ... the refresh rate is too slow, much slower then the Arduino was.
We need some help figuring out how to turn up the SPI speed with our current software arrangement.
used Phillip Burgess' at Adafruit 'Light Painting' Python script to process images and output to the LPD8806 http://learn.adafruit.com/light-painting-with-raspberry-pi/software
* PixelPi: RGB Pixel Array Driver for the Raspberry Pi[https://github.com/scottjgibson/PixelPi]. Based on Phillip Burgess 'Light Painting' Python script. Apparently supports many different POV hardware displays.
* [http://www.eetimes.com/author.asp?section_id=36&doc_id=1319194&print=yes "POV Deathstar Doubles as Spherical Display"]. Raspberry Pi; Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA with a DVI decoding core; 360 x 168 pixel resolution; 10 frames/s; 4-phase commutator to deliver 75 watts of power.
** [http://povglobe.wordpress.com/system-overview/][https://www.engineering.leeds.ac.uk/faculty/news/2013/visually-stunning-project.shtml]
* [http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/137110/rotating-pov-led-cylinder-using-addressable-rgb-led-strips "Rotating POV LED Cylinder Using Addressable RGB LED Strips"]
''(FIXME: make a separate section for bicycle POV displays)''
* Hazard. [http://www.instructables.com/id/RGBike-POV-Open-project/ "RGBike POV - Open project"]. Arduino compatible; 16 RGB LEDs; hall effect sensor; through-hole components and single-layer PCB for easy fabrication.
* liquidhandwash [http://www.instructables.com/id/Simple-POV-wheel-lights/ "Simple POV wheel lights"] -- elegant and simple. No circuit board. No microcontroller.
* [http://code.google.com/p/bicycleledpov/ Bicycle LED POV] is an electronic LED bar to attach on bicycle wheels. When riding the bicycle, the LED bar will draw with light, text messages and image animations. Free/Open hardware, firmware and software.
* [http://www.makezine.com/blog/archive/2007/03/luscious_electric_delight.html "luscious electric delight"]: source and schematics for a large graphical LED panel. Uses 12 MAX6953 LED drivers; each MAX6953 drives four 5x7 led matrices. The PC generates arbitrary bitmap, sends it out the serial port to a PIC, which translates it to I2C bus connected to all the MAX6953 LED drivers, which update the image at a continuous frame rate of 30fps.
* [https://oldwiki.blinkenarea.org/bin/view/Blinkenarea/BlinkenProjects BlinkenProjects]: projects with lots of LEDs[http://www.kiu.weite-welt.com/de.schoar.blog/?p=206], including a 3D LED array. Wiki: http://wiki.blinkenarea.org/
* [http://www.ianpaterson.org/projects/spokepov20050704/index.htm  Ian’s Spoke POV] Review it.
* [http://www.electric-clothing.com/superpov.html Project: Super POV] Review it.
* [http://www.ladyada.net/make/spokepov/index.html SpokePOV Persistence of Vision for your Bike] Very nice, kit available.
* [http://www.attiny.com/dotmatrix.htm On this page you will find a scrolling LED sign based on the ATtiny2313 AVR microcontroller] Row Column approach with a shift register]
* [http://blog.makezine.com/archive/2007/02/flashing-led-bra.html Flashing LED Bra]
* [http://www.evilmadscientist.com/article.php/peggy "Peggy," A Light Emitting Pegboard Display]
* Christmas trees are now led based so: [http://computerchristmas.com/ The #1 Site for Controlling Christmas Lights with a Computer]
* [http://members.misty.com/don//ledx.html Don Klipstein's LED Main Page]  Lots of good info.
* [http://www.instructables.com/id/Synchronizing-Fireflies/ Synchronizing Fireflies] ATtiny super smart swarm of LEDs.
* [http://www.u-disp.com/ U-Disp - An Open Sourced USB display]
* [http://crushingabyss.com/sunrise_alarmclock/index.html Sunrise LED Alarm Clock] ATMega8515 controlling two color-mixed high-power LED channels with PWM.  Also contains a RTC circuit and a serial port.  Full source including PC Windows serial port communication code.
* [http://dotmatrixdesign.tumblr.com/ dotmatrixdesign: Twitter LED Scroller Build Log]: an Arduino shield for a 7x5 LED matrix, and all the schematics, board layouts, Arduino firmware, and PC software to make it scroll text from a Twitter feed.
* [http://www.thekeeser.com/Projects/mechanically_scanned_led_display.htm "Mechanically Scanned LED display"] by Chris "thekeeser". Using PIC16F628, a infrared 1 pulse per revolution sensor so it can automatically adapt to any rotation rate, and multi-colored LEDs. Detailed notes on the software development.
* [http://sites.google.com/site/libby8dev/stripes/examples "PhorsePOV - a minimal handheld POV"] by Julian Skidmore. Avr AtTiny25 based driving 6 LEDs and uses a single button to enter text.
* [http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/tagged/pov Electronics Stackexchange: questions tagged POV Persistence Of Vision] has a long list of questions people are asking about POV displays, many of them with excellent answers.
* [http://ohmprojects.com/prop/prop.html Ohm's propeller display] and [http://ohmprojects.com/prop-rgb/prop-rgb.html Ohm's RGB propeller display]
* ahmedebeed555. [http://www.instructables.com/id/7-segment-pov-16F84/ "7 segment pov 16F84"].
It might be nice to make a [[spinning electronic]]s page to describe the many weird and wonderful ways that people (a) get power to the spinning electronics, and (b) transmit data to and from the spinning electronics.
POV displays are the most popular kind of spinning electronics,
but the same approaches are useful for other kinds of spinning electronics
such as run-time tire pressure sensors and [http://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/12704/electrified-vertical-mounted-rotary-joint-questions bioreactors].

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