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Quite a few people have released the schematics and source code for their music player. Such open-source music players include:

at Open Circuits


Some of these web sites are very difficult to post comments to. I suppose posting comments about these music players here -- at Open Circuits -- is the next best thing.


MP3 player in an Altoids can. includes FM transmitter. Uses compact flash card (reads FAT16), PIC18F452, STA013 mp3 decoder chip, FT232 USB chip. "compact flash card. ... Cheaper & faster than multimedia cards (MMC) and can be accessed via a PCMCIA slot, as all PC laptops have, using a $5 adaptor (although you can read/write using the Java program MintyComm program talking through the serial port)" (There's a nice forum at [FIXME: LINK] for discussing this).

"MP3 Player" based on Atmel AVR ... The MP3 decoder is a VS1001k ... The USB interface is done via FT232MB ... ... standard hard drive with MP3s stored in FAT ... includes Infrared bi-directional interface ... includes source code in C.

Yet Another Mobile MP3 Player "basically a personal computer that runs in a car" (runs Linux)

BookPC Car MP3 Player "a computer I built for my car" (runs Linux)


"MP3Car.Com - Home of the Car Computer Forums - Build your own Carputer"

MP3 Player (open-source hardware and software) "the MAS3507D chip, from Micronas Intermetall, ... You simply clock a serial MP3 bitstream in one side, and digital audio gets clocked out of the other side." So, we have

  • Microchip PIC in the middle
  • IDE interface (supports *both* hard drive *and* CD drive)
  • MAS3507D chip ... to analog amplifiers ... out to headphone jack
  • IR remote control.
  • parallel port ... to PC, for downloading MP3s.

Stores the MP3s on the hard drive in a funky (but well documented) proprietary format, to simplify the PIC playback code.

butterfly MP3

an open design for a portable MP3 player

yampp: Yet another MP-3 Player

iPod ?

"Open Source Hardware" "The Bill of Materials for the 30 GB Video iPod from Jefferies & Company's Video iPod Teardown is fascinating."


Rather than commercially selling yet another MP3 player, I am more interested in commercially selling something that has almost identical hardware, but does something that none of these do. More details later. --DavidCary 15:28, 25 April 2006 (PDT)