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<b>What the heck is this place?</b><br>
So Cina, Nate, and a guy named Aubry were all working on similar cellular projects using the [[GM862 Cellular Module]] but each project was different enough that we could not collaborate directly. However, we noticed that there was enough overlap between projects that certain things should be shared. Things like the audio biasing circuit, the power supply, and the footprint for various exotic parts. We wanted an easy way to share this information with others as well, and the concept of Open Circuits was born.<br><br>
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We got the framework up (Cina is a pimp) in about 24hours. Even if you are completely new to Wikis, we're sure you'll find things fairly straight forward. Please use the following template (edit this change and copy/paste) into your posting as a starting point.<br>
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''(FIXME: move the following description to [[LT1528]])''
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<b>Description:</b><br> The LT1528 is a rather expensive regulator that is known for its fast transient response and high current output. Really its known because Telit recommends it for the GM862.
[[Media:LT1528.pdf|LT1528 Datasheet]]
Coming in a minute from SFE. This regulator comes in two packages. The 5-DD is the SMD version, while the TO-220-5 is the through hole version.
<b>Manufacturer Info:</b><br>
Linear part # : <br>
LT1528CQ (5-DD SMD Package)<br>
LT1528CT (TO-220-5 PTH Package)
<b>Supplier Info:</b><br>
Digikey part # : LT1528CQ-ND<br>
Single Piece Price : $7.13
<b>Related Items:</b><br>
[[GM862 Cellular Module]]<br>
[[GM862 SMD Connector]]
<b>Original Creator:</b> --[[User:Sparkfun|Sparkfun]] 22:18, 25 January 2006 (PST)
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Hello! Excellent site, but most of messages here are not related to its contents...

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