GM862 Cellular Module

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The GM862 is a GSM cellular module that enables you to connect to the cellular network using simple 'AT' commands.

Yes it's as easy as sending:

ATD 3035551234;

Couple down sides to this module:
1) The GM862 uses a very specialized 50-pin molex connector that only comes in SMD.
2) The GM862 requires 3.8V at 1.9A peak. So you'll need to use the LT1528 as well.

Cool module. Works anywhere with GSM connectivity (North America and Europe included).

GM862 Hardware User Guide

SFE Footprint Library

FP Name: GM862

The dimension stuff can be found on page x of the hardware datasheet. To implement this module onto a PCB layout, see the footprints associated with the SMD connector.

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