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PacTec Enclosures

New Age Enclosures - They will usually send you free samples if you ask.

Teko Enclosures - Excellent quality, and very generous with samples. Fast, free shipping on all samples.

Hammond Manufacturing - Versatile boxes, great service for adding custom machining to standard parts for moderate quantities. Transparent boxes make holes unnecessary for LED indicators, etc.

Envision Plastics & Design Uses NMR Technology (No Molds Required) to manufacture custom plastic enclosures for a variety of applications.

  • The Electrical Wholesaler: splashproof boxes for bathrooms and kitchens, and weatherproof boxes for outside use.[2]
  • ip67 enclosures. www.aliexpress.com/ip67-enclosure_price.html

working with acrylic

"DIY Acrylic Refugium" describes how to make an acrylic enclosure.

  • "How to Cut Acrylic (Plexiglass)" [3]
  • "HOW TO: Hand Cut Acrylic" [4]
  • "Best way to Cut Acrylic?" [5]
  • "Working with Acrylic" (cutting, drilling holes, metal inserts, adhesives, etc.)[6]