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GM862 SMD Connector GM862 SMD Connector

DB9 Connector DB9 Serial Connector

Barrel Jack Barrel Power Jack

Mini-USB Mini-USB SMD connector

Mini-USB MicroSD/Transflash Socket

UEXT: universal expansion connector. The standard UEXT connector consists of ten pins (two rows of five, with 0.1" spacing) and supports I2C, SPI, and RS-232 serial communication, as well as carrying +3.3V power and common ground. -- Wikipedia: UEXT

JTAG connectors?

ideas#better data cable ideas

Some connector companies in no particular order: Samtec, Molex,

Rather than wiring a connector up directly to a CPU, one typically has some input protection between them.

The SFE Footprint Library includes a few connectors.

Mark Whitis has a list of "common pitfalls of Micro Development Boards". He describes how the 26 pin connectors on his Mark Whitis Microcontroller Development Board avoid those pitfalls and have many non-obvious features that make them superior to many other connectors.

Massmind: "Maximum interconnect options from minimum board space" discusses a board pattern that gives you the option of plugging in any one of a variety of different connectors.

Connectors and data cable ideas are further discussed at Ideas#better_data_cable_ideas.