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Number Six

"The New Number Six - Embedded Microcontroller for Starving Artists"

Chalk Roach

This project was developed by the Computing Culture Group at the MIT Media Lab.

It's now called #6!

It's a 2"x2" (5cm x 5cm) one-side printed circuit board that supports the very robust Atmega32 microcontroller.

Because it's one-sided, you can make them at home with Press and Peel Blue a clothes iron, and Ferric Chloride from Radio Shack.

It can be configured minimally with just a tiny handful of components yet connect to so many different things.

Main development page via Noah Vawter


The MiniSix by Adam Whiton is the smaller (26mm x 26mm) surface mount version of the Number Six microcontroller. Atmel AVR ATmega32 The MiniSix board is designed for a vertical stacking strategy using a 40 pin Hirose connector.

The MiniSix platform is availible as open source hardware and is registered with the Open Source Hardware and Design Alliance MiniSix at OHANDA.