Beginners Setup for Arduino and Processing

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This writeup is specificlly for the Westport High School.

This is an unfinished draft, but should be useful for a start. Setup for the Arduino and Processing falls into two major groups, setting up your PC and setting up the hardware needed.

Hardware Setup

The real basics:

  • Arduino board. You need at least one. There are many. Some distinctions are:
    • USB or older style Serial
    • Price
    • Kit or prebuilt
    • Memory
    • Compatible with Shields
    • Easily plugable to a ProtoBoard.
  • Connection between PC and Arduino -- Mr H. will bring some, but you should get one to go with your Arduino.

Different PCs and Arduino have different port for connection. You need a cable that will connect the two. Before you buy your Arduino board you should figure out the cable as well. Start by finding out what connections you have on your PC.

  • USB
  • "Older Style Serial" actually RS232 serial. Has a 9 pin socket on the PC

  • Misc. electronic components Leds, displays, sensors, motors and so on. -- Mr H. will have a bunch, we will get more as we need them.

PC Setup