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= The GUI =
= The GUI =
see: [[SmartPlug GUI Images]]
see: [[Backup GUI Images]]
= Debugging =  
= Debugging =  

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This is the Help "file" for the Python Application whose main page is: Python Backup Program

Help file for backup application.

Application Features

  • Highly configurable.
  • Only copies new and updated files.
  • Produces detailed and summary logs.
  • Once set up runs an update with a couple of clicks.
  • Recurse down a directory structure ( how far is configurable ).
  • Can select files with "file filters" For example only *.png and *.gif files.
  • GUI shows activity.
  • Can pause.
  • Can set to throttle the backup so it does not degrade computer performance.
  • Directory structure, file names, file format preserved in backup.
  • Backup files may be inspected without need for a restore.
  • Can be set to simulate mode where you can see ( via the log files ) what would have been copied.

Download and Install

There is really no install program. Currently the application is intended for those who have at least a little familiarity with Python coding and can just insert the downloaded code into their development environment and run it. Code not yet available.

How To:...


  • Setup for backup of a directory. See section below.
  • Edit the parameter file: Use your development environment for Python or a text editor to edit parameters.py. See also: The section below, Configuration Files For Python. Normally I have a button on the GUI for this, but this function does not seem so useful for this application
  • View the log: Use the application button ( after configuring for your editor ) or any text editor on the file smart_plug.py_log. This is the default file name, it can be changed in parameters.py.
  • Install: see section above.
  • Debug: see section below.
  • Quick Restart of the application: Not in this app, just shutdown and restart.
  • Use your preferred text editor. In the parameter file, see below.

How to Use the Parameter File

See: Configuration Files For Python

Editing of the parameters.py file

    • See above in Download and Install
  • Enable your favorite editor to work with the application.
    • self.ex_editor = r"D:\apps\Notepad++\notepad++.exe" # use r" or the backslashes will not work, or you can use forward slashes instead they may be wrong but they work.
  • Lots of other settings:
    • Read the comments in parameters.py and change as desired. If a setting does not work let me know.
  • If you mess up.
    • Re download and get back to the original parameter file.


see: Backup GUI Images


There are several application outputs that may be useful for debugging.

  • Watch the GUI
  • Check the Python console.
  • Look at the python log file ( use the GUI button <Edit Log> ( specify your editor in parameters.py first ) or use your editor on the default name of the log file ...\smart_plug\smart_plug.py_log.

Most issues will probably be missing libraries, parameters.py issues, or just bugs in my code (email me ).


  • Click on category page for this project ( Python Backup ) below.
  • Click on What links here on the left of this page