Atomic microscope

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Whatever happened to the Homebrew STM project? I don't know. I guess I will try to re-create the project here.

I remember someone posted plans for an atomic-resolution scanning microscope on the web. Too bad his website went offline.

Juergen Mueller has some detailed plans.

Parts needed for an STM:

  • computer
  • computer-to-analog interface
  • analog to high-voltage analog amplifiers
  • piezo tube (are there any other alternatives for atomic-resolution positioning?)
  • mounting hardware
  • vibration isolation hardware (cases, rubber feet, bungee cords, etc.)
  • tips (there seem to be a wide variety of prices)
  • ... what am I missing ? ...

What's the total cost?

I've heard that some people run their STMs "in solution", the tip of the probe scanning the bottom of a dish of water. So, contrary to popular belief, you do *not* need a vacuum chamber.

... help fill in the details ...